Types of Discounts

  • Keep in mind 20% Vet Staff Member Discount has moved to 10% in most states and is now referred to as Employee Benefit discount.

    Click Here: Partnership Discount Summary
    • Use this to check for states that do not have the country wide standard. Ex: NY not offering military discount, or USAA discounts not 15%.


If someone calls and asks about getting a discount “from their vet”, please ask of they are an employee or customer of the vet and apply the appropriate discount if on the active partner document. We don’t want vet customers who should be getting the 5% to get the employee 10% discount by mistake.

Please do not use CRM subaccounts anymore.

This is all super confusing so if you have any questions please have the leads reach out to Andrea M or Lauren H.

Partnership Discounts

You must check the google doc below each time you are giving a partner discount. If they are NOT on the list they must be added to the Missing Partner tab on the google doc.

  • If the PP asks "Do you know if my company offers a discount?", and we don't find them on the list, we should direct them to their HR person to contact us at employers@embracepetinsurance.com.

  • If the PP says "I know my company offers this discount" and you can't find them on the google doc definitely add them to the Missing Partner tab.

REMINDER: You can NOT give a discount if the partner is NOT on the list. The discount can only be added after the partner is verified with marketing.

Active Partner Discounts Google Doc
  • Bookmark! You will need to have easy access to this page.
  • Please do not use CRM subaccounts anymore.
  • Never use Org code on clinic page.

Note: The below list is written with policy types 3 and 4 in mind. If you are unsure on a discount for policy type 2, ask a lead

Employee Benefits

Description: PP must be an employee of a business that offers a discount. This now includes vet clinic employees for clinics that offer discount.
Amount: 10%
  • Discount can be combined with any combination of Military or Multiple Pet up to the maximum 25% discount.

20% Vet staff discounts have been removed in many states.

The rest are pending removal. If someone calls requesting the discount with a valid code we can still give it to them, but please ask that no one proactively discusses 20% vet staff discounts anymore. You can check the google doc above to see if their clinic offers the 10% employee discount.

If PP already has a 20% vet staff/Legacy discount do not remove as some states will let a PP keep a discount.

Preferred Partner Discounts

Description: A type of Marketing Partner discount where vet clinics agree to certain criteria. PP must list clinic as their primary vet clinic in CRM under "referring vet"
Amount: 5%.

We do not use the client 10% subaccount from clinic page anymore. However, if it's already on the policy do not remove.

Notes: This Discount can be combined with any combination of Military or Multiple Pet up to the maximum 25% discount. CRM will show the available discount as 10%, that is not accurate. It is 5%.

Marketing Partner

Description: Marketing partners are any organization that is recommending Embrace.
Examples: Breeder, Rescue/Shelter
Notes: Discount can be combined with any combination of Military or Multiple Pet up to the maximum 25% discount.

Affinity Group

Description: PP must be a member or employee of an Affinity Group. An Affinity Group is defined as a partnership between Embrace and another business entity. A key attribute of an affinity group is that they are a paying member of some organization.
Amount: 15%
Examples: USAA, Pet Sitters International (PSI)
  • (use discount code in CRM)

Notes: Discount can be combined with any combination of Military or Multiple Pet discounts up to the maximum 25% discount.


Description: PP, their spouse, or additional insured must be an active or former member of the US military.
Amount: 5%
Notes: Does not apply to civilian contractors, law enforcement, first responders, Department of Defense (DOD) employees, etc.

Add this discount by checking box on PP page and importing onto quote or endorsement quote:

Multiple Pet

Description: On a policy with 2+ pets, each pet will receive 10% of their individual ACIL premium. Discount is automatic.
Amount: 10%
Notes: Discount does not apply to Wellness payments.