USAA Clients

USAA Clients: What is USAA and why is it so important?

  • USAA is a major insurance and banking company for military members and their families. They give their clients the best service with the utmost respect humanly possible.
  • Each USAA member receives a 15% discount on an Embrace policy, unless their state does not allow that discount (Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island).
  • We partnered with USAA in 2014, and we are expected to meet their standards of service.
  • Have more questions about how to succeed on a USAA call Check out the USAA Training PowerPoint!

How To Embrace The USAA Way:

I. Be Personable

  • Get the person’s name right up front and use it, don’t wait to do the quote to get their name
    • Refer to them as Mister, Miss or Mrs, but if they have a rank, use that. Do not use their first name.
    • Use their name a couple times through the call, use their pet’s names.

  • Make small talk – ask how they are at the beginning of the call, ask how their pet is doing, comment on cute names, respond to their mood and attitude appropriately (joke back with a jokey person, etc.), comment on the weather in their state.

  • Be friendly and caring and lighthearted – avoid “robotic service calls” – don’t let it sound like you are sitting in front of a computer typing in information, make it sound like you are chatting with your grandparent who you respect but are friendly with.

  • Don’t talk too fast – insurance is hard to understand, it’s harder when you blow through the coverage in 1 minute flat. Speak clearly.

  • Pause after explanations and ask if they have any questions so far.

  • Give your name and tell them to feel free to contact you directly at your extension.

  • Review coverage options – don’t start with the most popular and leave it at that, let them know there are more options and you’d be happy to go through them.

  • USAA people are always referred to as Members, Embrace people are always referred to as Pet Parents (PPs).

  • Don’t wait for the Member to lead the call, if they hesitate or aren’t sure what they are asking, help them.

  • Review discounts – see below (in red) for specifics.

II. Take control of the call

  • Anticipate questions.

  • Do not state a fact and let it follow with silence.

  • Be able to interpret what a Member is asking, even if they aren’t asking it:
    • If they ask “What is my coverage”, don’t just state the limits of their coverage, include information about what it covers as well.
    • If they ask “What is Wellness”, don’t say “An add on that covers routine care” and leave it at that, provide more information.

  • Set time expectations.
    • "I’d be happy to get a quote together for you, it should take about 5-10 minutes, will that be alright?”

  • Reply to everything, including but not limited to:
    • Whether it’s a question, a comment, or just a Member thinking out loud, have a reply, don’t let it hit dead air.
    • If the Member comments on a pre-x, for instance “He just had kennel cough, but he’s fine now” address it and explain temporary pre-x.
    • If the Member says “Wow, that’s a lot” about the price, jump in with a value statement (see below) and alternative options - “We have many other options, let’s try this one…”
    • If the Member pauses after you’ve explained something, don’t let that pause hang there, jump in with “Did that make sense, I know it’s a lot to take in.”

III. Ending the call

  • Use Value Statements.
    • Show the person that pet insurance can be really helpful to them, how it is helpful, examples where it is a good thing, etc. (see attached sheet with value statements).

  • Ask for the sale/Follow up.
    • “Would you like me to get that policy started for you today?” “If you start this policy today, you can start using your wellness rewards right away,” “Would you like me to give you a follow up call after you have the chance to review your quote?”

General Notes:

  • Avoid being “transactional.”
  • Ask them what made them look into pet insurance, or what is most important to them about the insurance, and adjust your call accordingly. If they have a puppy, go for Wellness as a selling point, etc. Listen to what they want and what is important to them
  • Don’t do anything else while you are on a USAA call, give them your undivided attention, “active listening” is vital. Catch things like “I’m interested in coverage for my dog”, so that when you go to get the pet information, you don’t say “Do you have a dog or a cat?” You already know it’s a dog.
  • Branding – start the call with “Thank you for calling Embrace, proudly serving USAA members, this is (your name), how can I help you? When giving the quote, refer to the USAA discount. At the end, thank them for being a USAA member.
  • If the call turns into a sale, you must get their USAA ID number, or their date of birth. This number needs to be validated using the USAA Member Validation Tool.
    • If the PP does not know their member number, click here for next steps.
  • Enter this information on the Person screen, in the "USAA Member Number" field:
  • Always review every discount available to them – if they are in a state where all the discounts can stack (see your list), CRM will automatically take the highest combination of discounts, just make sure you know and review which ones are being applied

    If the PP has a .mil or .gov email address